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These tools were created in an attempt to provide the best possible System Programming services.
They have taken years to develop, and it is our wish that they may be of use to you and your organization. A copy of our work can also be found on file 720 of the CBT Share website

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Assembler REXX Functions
Source Detail Description Format
ALXRCONC Document Dynamic Allocation/Concatenation of datasets ALXRCONC(ddname,dsname,...,dsname)
ALXRDASD Document Return all DASD or TAPE UCBs defined on system ALXRDASD(variable_name,count,type,'NOVOL')
ALXRDDIR Document Read PDS Directory ALXRDDIR(ddname,variable_name,count,prefix)
ALXRDOZE Document Wait/Sleep ALXRDOZE(seconds)
ALXRFNDM Document Return Dataset name for a PDS member in a Concatenated list ALXRFNDM(member,ddname)
ALXRFNDS Document Return Dataset name for a PDS member in the LPA or LINK List ALXRFNDS(member)
ALXRGETM Document Read a member of a PDS ALXRGETM(member,ddname,variable_name,count)
ALXRPDSC Document Scratch, Rename, or assign an Alias to a member of a PDS ALXRPDSC(FUNCTION,ddname,member,new_member)
ALXRWRTM Document Write a member of a PDS ALXRWRTM(member,ddname,variable_name,count,store_status,directory)
ALXRWTO Document Issue a Write to Operator (WTO) ALXRWTO('WTO',descriptor)
ALXRWTOR Document Issue a Write to Operator with Reply (WTOR) ALXRWTOR'WTOR',reply_length)
ALXEXCOM Document Subroutine to Store/Fetch REXX Variables Used by ALXRDDIR, ALXRGETM, ALXRWRTM
Download No Document Downloadable ZIP file of REXX functions, in IEBUPDTE format
EXEC Detail Description
LC No Document REXX EXEC to do a LISTCAT command, usually from ISPF 3.4. It is included because it converts the TIMESTAMP to a viewable value
UPDJCLIB No Document REXX EXEC that provides an example of ALXRDDIR, ALXRGETM, and ALXRWRTM REXX functions, to convert a JCL library to use the JCLLIB statement. Allows for specification of Procedure JCL library, rather than searching through JES2 concatenation.
Automated Operations
Source Detail Description
Automated Operations PDF Article Article published in Technical Support magazine on how to create an Automated Operations environment using these tools
ALEXCMDS Document Automation Utility that includes: issue MVS/JES2 commands, perform Waits, reply to WTORs, search through Address Space Control Blocks, execute REXX EXECs, issue WTOs, and perform simple scheduling
ALEXTDAT No Document Date subroutine that is link-edited with ALEXCMDS, and returns the time, as well as various forms of the date, to include Day of Week
IEAVMXIT Document WTO/WTOR message processing exit that utilizes a user supplied table for processing messages. This exit, when enabled, can reply to WTORs, issue commands using SVC 34, or pass the message to a Started Task to process as a REXX EXEC
MSGTABLE No Document Sample table, that would be assembled and then linked with the IEAVMXIT exit, to process messages. The table can be maintained with the following: ISPF Panel ALXPEXT, REXX EXEC ALXREXT, and the JCL member ASMTABL. Entries can be added or deleted to table, then assembled, and relinked with IEAVMXIT to dynamically change WTO/WTOR processing
ISPF/REXX Access No Document Text member contains the ISPF Message and Panel entries, the REXX EXEC to add entries, the JCL to rebuild the exit, and the OPSAUTO Started Task. OPSAUTO is the task that processes messages passed from IEAVMXIT as REXX EXECs (or CLISTs).
Download No Document Downloadable ZIP file of Automated Operation members, in IEBUPDTE format

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