SSC, Inc.

Online Systems


  • CICS TS3.2, CICS TS2.3, CICS TS2.2, CICS TS1.3, CICS V4, CICS V3, CICS V2, CICS V1.7, CICS V1.6, and CICS V1.5

  • ServerPac, CBIPO, and CBPDO

  • WEB Interface and WEB Aware Application Programs

  • CICS Sockets Application Programs with CICS Listener

  • TCP/IP Printing

  • MRO and ISC

  • Performance and Tuning, Debugging

  • Recovery and Restart

  • APPC and LU6.2

  • ImagePlus, OAM, and Imaging Applications

  • RACF Security

  • Assembler and COBOL Command Level Programming

APPC/LU6.2 and TCP/IP Sockets

  • TCP/IP Sockets applications in both Assembler CICS Command Level and REXX for printing

  • APPC/MVS and Batch Processing

  • Independent Logical Units (ILUs) and Dependent Logical Units (DLUs)

  • APPC Performance and Tuning (SRM IPS and ICS)

  • VTAM Traces and Debugging

Object Access Method (OAM)

  • DB2 Tables, SMS Constructs and ACS Routines, CICS, OSMC

  • TS7720, VTS B10 and B20, TS3500 with TS1120 and encryption, Optical Jukeboxes

  • Assembler Programs using CBRXLCS Macro interface to TS7720 tape library

  • Assembler Programs using OSREQ

  • Assembler Programs using MO:DCA and PTOCA in Batch and CICS

  • ImagePlus and Imaging Applications

  • Performance and Tuning


  • CBIPO (1990)

  • Assembler Programs for CAF and table manipulation

  • CICS Resource Control Table (RCT) Support



  • IMS V4, IMS V3 and IMS V1.3 (Batch Only)


  • DBD, PSB and ACB Gens

  • CICS Local DL1 Support
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Last Updated: 26 March 2020
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