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Operating System
System Programming


z/OS, OS/390 and MVS

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  • z/OS 2.5, z/OS 2.3, z/OS 2.1, z/OS 1.13, z/OS 1.11, z/OS R1.9, z/OS R1.7, z/OS R1.4, OS/390 R1.1 to OS/390 R2.10,MVS/ESA V4 and MVS/ESA V3, MVS/XA and MVS/SP

  • ServerPac, SIE, CBIPO, CBPDO, Express, and System Generation

  • Single pack maintenance and disaster recovery systems

  • Capacity Planning, Performance and Tuning


  • Internals, Performance and Tuning

  • Exits

  • NJE, RJE, Bitnet UCLAMail

  • Subsystem Interface (SSI) Assembler programming


  • Software Inventory Data Service (GIMXSID), ServerPac and CBIPO, to include: MVS, CICS, IMS, DB2, and NCP

  • CBPDO installs and maintenance upgrades

  • Support of UNIX Services z/OS File System (ZFS) and Hierarchical File System (HFS)

  • Usermods


  • Constructs and ACS routines

  • Volume Mount Analysis and Tape Mount Management (TMM)

  • Virtual Tape Library support and TS1120 hardware encryption

  • Object Access Method (OAM) and Optical Jukeboxes (i.e. IBM 3995 and FileNet)


  • Dynamic Activation, to include documentation

  • Multiple Logical Partitions (LPARs) and Configurations


  • Used the IRRDBU00 unload utility and wrote REXX EXECs to parse and process the various RACF record types

  • Migration using RACF utility programs and new classes

  • Conversion from Automatic Dataset Protection (ADSP) to all Generic

  • Migration of CICS to full RACF support

  • ISPF/REXX application for new user definitions


  • REXX, LIBDEF and ALTLIB Implementations

  • ISPF/REXX Applications and Macros

ICF Catalog

  • Internals, Performance and Tuning

  • Catalog, VVDS and Volume Diagnosis and Cleanup

  • Numerous Assembler programs using the Catalog Search Interface (CSI) to process all types of ICF Catalog records, to include VOLCATs

  • Assembler code to read and write (MVS/SP to MVS/ESA migration), and use of SVC 26


  • Installed MQ 9.0 LTSR (Long Term Service Release) and 9.0.4 CD (Continuous Delivery) using ServerPac, and migrated from MQ 8.0 across all LPARs running MQ

  • Installed MQ 9.1 LTSR using ServerPac at a different company, and migrated from MQ 8.0

  • Working understanding of CSQUTIL utility for issuing commands and defining resources

UNIX Services

  • Installation and Maintenance

  • OMVS Performance and Tuning (SRM IPS and ICS)

  • TCP/IP, FTP, Language Environment (LE)

  • REXX EXECs using UNIX System Services

  • ZFS and HFS Utility Programs

Program Products

  • Computer Associates - CA1, TLMS, CA7, Scheduler, OPS/MVS, VIEW, Deliver, Dispatch, Librarian, ROSCOE, Top Secret, ACF2

  • Compuware - ISPW, AbendAid, CICS FX, FileAid, XPEDITER

  • Monitors - TMON/CICS, TMON/MVS, Omegamon/CICS, Omegamon/MVS

  • H & W - SYSB, SYSD

  • Information Builders - EDA/SQL, FOCUS

  • Innovation - FDR/ABR, IAM, FDR/CPK

  • CEMT-Batch, ZEKE, Control Products, Wylbur
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  • IBM CPUs - Z16, Z15, Z14, Z13, EC12, Z10, Z196, Z9, Z890, Z800, Multiprise 3000 and 2000, 9672, 9121, 3090, 4381, 3083, 3084, 3033, 4341, 370, and 360

  • PR/SM, LPARs, and Hardware Maintenance Console (HMC)

  • Stand Alone Procedures (i.e. Installation and Debugging)


  • EMC VMAX installation and migration with use of z/OS Migrator tool and issuing of SRDF Host commands

  • IBM DS8000 architecture and use of REXX to build dscli commands to support setup for multiple DR clients


  • Capacity Planning, Performance and Tuning

Virtual Tape Server and EMC DLM

  • Support of EMC DLM8100 and DLM8500. Use of DLM utilities to read contents and verify status with TMS and OAM

  • Installation and migration of a TS7720 grid configuration, replacing three old clusters with three new clusters

  • Used COPYRFSH command with REXX and BVIR to migrate over 375,000 virtual volumes in a TS7720 grid

  • IBM VTS with Import/Export feature

  • Implementation of full system backups for Disaster Recovery purposes using Export and offsite slotting

  • Successful Disaster Recovery tests using the Import of offsite stacked 3590 volumes

  • Tape Copy Assembler Program to migrate permanent offsite 3490 volumes to Exported 3590 stacked volumes

  • Assisted in the migration of existing production workload from 3490 cartridges to VTS

IBM TS3500 and IBM 3494

  • IBM TS3500 Library with IBM TS1120 (3592) Encrypted Drives

  • IBM 3494 Library unit with IBM 3590 Drives

  • Volume Mount Analysis and Tape Mount Management (TMM)

  • Tape Stacking Assembler Program (e.g. 130 SMF tapes to one Magstar cartridge)

  • Production Batch Jobs

Optical Jukeboxes

  • IBM 3995 and Filenet 9246

  • SMS Constructs and ACS Routines

  • Setup and Support of OAM DB2 Tables

  • Migration of Cartridges to other Data Centers
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