SSC, Inc.

Programming and Support

Assembler Programming

  • Exits, to include: JES2, SMF, OAM

  • OAM programming using OSREQ for Imaging and CBRXLCS for tape support

  • Catalog Seatch Interface (CSI) for processing all types of ICF Catalog records to include volume

  • Access Methods, to include: BPAM, BSAM, QSAM, VSAM, EXCP, VTAM, BTAM, and OAM

  • CICS Command Level

  • DB2 CAF and Tables

  • REXX Functions

  • Librarian and Panvalet Access

  • Subsystem Interface (SSI), ICF Catalog, Tape


  • Use of REXX EXECs for Migrations and Upgrades

  • REXX to parse as well as process IDCAMS DCOLLECT records for DFHSM, SMS and volume entries

  • ISPF/REXX Applications to Support User Requirements

  • REXX to Create Disaster Recovery Jobs

  • ISPF/REXX Macros


  • Wrote COBOL/390 CICS TCP/IP Sockets application

  • Wrote COBOL/390 CICS HTML Web applications

  • Implementation and use of IBM COBOL Debugger

Automated Operations

  • IEAVMXIT with Table, and ISPF/REXX Interface

  • Versatile MVS/JES2 Command Program (e.g. WAITs, Reply to WTORs), that is used at numerous customer locations for IPL and Shutdown

  • Started Task to execute REXX EXECs processed through IEAVMXIT

  • RACF Definitions for support of TSO CONSOLE Command

  • Documentation

Unix Scripting

  • Attended Shell Programming training from Learning Tree

  • Wrote script application to add and delete users to a SUN Solaris server

  • Wrote various scripts on AIX and SUN in support of UNIX systems

Disaster Recovery

  • Planning, Analysis, and Task Creation for Disaster Recovery

  • Wrote ISPF/REXX application for a DR organization to assist in building client configurations to include: dscli commands for DS8000, z/VM guest definitions, and disk initialization

  • Assembler and REXX to perform analysis and build jobs

  • Documentation

  • Involved in numerous tests for various customers
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Last Updated: 26 March 2020
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