SSC, Inc.

Unix Support


  • Installed NetBackup (NBU) V7.0.1 on AIX and migrated from NBU V6.5.4

  • Installed NetBackup (NBU) V6.5.4 on AIX and migrated from older version of NBU

  • Retained documentation of both installations to include Encryption Key Manager (EKM) setup

Tape Encryption

  • Installed Encryption Key Manager (EKM) on a primary and secondary AIX server

  • Defined keys to EKM for support of all Unix systems sharing TS3500 tape library with TS1120 drives

  • Configured NetBackup (NBU) to support hardware encryption using EKM


  • Reviewed SSH terminal connectivity for AIX, SUN and Linux servers

  • Converted terminal access to all Unix servers to support SSH connectivity and stop use of Telnet

Unix Scripting

  • Attended Shell Programming training from Learning Tree

  • Wrote script application to add and delete users to a SUN Solaris server

  • Wrote various scripts on AIX and SUN in support of UNIX systems

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Last Updated: 26 March 2020
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